Community Liaison Group

Introduction Meeting Materials

Terms of Reference
  • To enhance transparency and communication with the public on environmental issues related to this project.
  • To promote community cooperation and participation as well as implementation of suitable local environmental enhancement works with respect to this project.
Chairman : Deputy Head of the Sustainable Lantau Office (Works), CEDD, or his/her delegate
Secretary : Senior Engineer of Sustainable Lantau Office (SLO), CEDD
Members :
1. Mr. YU Hon-kwan, Randy, MH, JP, Chairman, Islands District Council
2. Mr WONG Man-hon, MH, Vice Chairman, Islands District Council
3. Mr KWOK Ping, Eric, Member, Islands District Council
4. Mr FONG Lung-fei, Member, Islands District Council
5. Mr TSUI Sang-hung, Sammy, Member, Islands District Council
6. Ms WONG Chau-ping, Member, Islands District Council & Chairman of Tung Chung Rural Committee
7. Ms CHAU Chuen-heung, BBS, MH, JP, Principal Consultant, Outlying Islands Women's Association
8. Mr LI Yun-tai, Vincent, Chairman, Lantau Development Alliance
9. Project team of SLO, CEDD
10. Environmental Team(s) of TCNTE project
11. Independent Environmental Checker of TCNTE project
Date Community Liaison Group Meeting Materials*
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Meeting Notes*
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12/12/2018 1st Meeting
10/06/2019 2nd Meeting
17/12/2019 3rd Meeting
28/01/2021 4th Meeting
21/07/2021 5th Meeting
07/06/2022 6th Meeting
05/01/2023 7th Meeting
20/07/2023 8th Meeting -